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Frequently asked questions...

What is LingosMio?
LingosMio is a language-learning platform where you can learn a language fast and with ease!
Is LingosMio free?
Yes! In order to access the course content you need to register with us and you are ready to go.
To register follow this link Register.
How can I get in touch?
You can contact our support team on admin@lingosmio.com.
How can I access the course content?
In order to access the course content, you need to be logged on to your account. You can access the content via your dashboard.
How is the course content different from others?
The LingosMio course content is based on the European framework of languages. The courses enable you to learn a foreign language step by step, whilst ensuring that you are able to grasp the vocabulary that comes your way. The course also engages you in conversation very early on whilst keeping the level of the conversations such that not only you can understand everything but actually take part in such a conversation.
Can I access only certain sections of the course if I want to?
Yes, the entire course content in unlocked for you to see. So if you are not exactly a beginner you can pick up the courses using your preferred level.
How can I invite friends to LingosMio?
How can I use the vocabulary tool?
The vocabulary tool contains all the words that you learn during the course, chapter wise. It is provided so that you can revise the previous words you have learn and also use the new words with the old vocabulary to make sentences of you own.
How can I improve my pronunciation using LingosMio?
LingosMio encourages you to take part in conversation with the system as a part of the course. The system allows you to record your voice and compare with that of a native.
How can I meet Language Partners using LingosMio?
You can use link to meet native speakers of other languages
Can I repeat chapters or conversations?
Yes, you can also repeat certain parts of the chapter whenever you want. So, if you want to review the conversation part of a certain chapter you don't have to go through the entire chapter again. In your dashboard, under the chapter that you wish to review just click on the conversation part you wish to review.
Can I access LingosMio using my phone or tablet?
Yes you can access the website. Watch this space for updates regarding our applications for Android and Ios.